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HR Consulting

Our consulting team is highly experienced in understanding your unique HR needs and providing a tailor-made solution after conducting a diagnostic study. Some of the leading solutions that we offer are:

Employee Assessment
  • Assessment of employees to help identify performers / under-performers.
  • Customized tools for Assessment. Implement Competency Mapping and Skill Benchmarking.
Performance & Rewards Management
  • Defining the performance management and appraisal process and institutionalising it.
  • Defining career and succession planning – Developing a reward & recognition strategy linked performance
Culture Assessments
  • Assessment of the current culture of the organisation
  • Implement tools & techniques to move the needle for creating desired culture
Diversity & Inclusion

We collaborate with organizations to nurture a diverse and inclusive work culture through our 360° customized strategies and programs. We offer the most holistic repertoire of services, which help organizations cultivate, sustain and leverage diversity and inclusion along the lines of gender, sexual orientation, generations and disability.

HR Policies and Procedures Framework
  • Understand client requirements in specific HR areas to be covered under the framework
  • Benchmark it with the industry and implement the new framework.e