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You never get a second chance to make first impression. So, prepare for the interview in such a way that every move you make impresses the interviewer. Based on our research and experience of so many years in handling talent acquisition, here are some tips on how to prepare for an interview.

1. Know the organization- The foremost step to prepare for a job interview should be to research about the organization. It will help you to answer the questions better.
Visit the organization’s website and study its profile thoroughly, it would help you to know about the organization and have a better understanding of what they do. You should be clear about the organization’s mission, vision, goals and values .
Also, be prepared with some questions that you could ask the interviewer, which shows your knowledge and interest.

2. Analyze the Job Description– Your skills and qualifications should meet the job requirements. You should clearly understand the knowledge, skills and abilities required for the job. And confirm that you are suitable for the job. It is your responsibility to have a thorough understanding of the job description and ask questions if required.

3. Be prepared for the questions – Study your resume and be very thorough about it, since most of the questions are resume-based. Your resume should not miss any important information about your skills, experience and qualifications. It should be all that the interviewer has to go by, in order to get to know you.
Also practice answers to the most common interview questions. Questions like ‘Tell me something about yourself’, ‘Why should we hire you?’, ‘What are your biggest weaknesses?’, ‘What are your biggest strengths?’, ‘Where do you see yourself in five years?’
Do not repeat information that is already mentioned in the resume until asked to elaborate upon.

4. Dress to impress – Before saying a single word in front of the interviewer, you have already made an impression based on how you are dressed. You should be dressed in a professionally appropriate manner.
Your clothes should be neat, clean and ironed, and your hair should be properly set.

5. Be ready with the essentials – Always carry all the essential documents and relevant certificates and their extra copies, in a portfolio. Carry your updated resume.
Also, carry your passport sized formal photos, pen and a notepad. Do not forget to carry your ID poof. Carry a copy of job description and anything else the employer has asked for.

6. Be Punctual – Search for the directions and plan how to reach the venue beforehand. It is okay to be a little early, but being late for the interview sets a negative image in the mind of the interviewer.

7. Non-verbal communication matters – During a job interview you might think that your words matter, but that is not necessary. Non-verbal communication is more important than verbal communication.
-Be Confident – Always show your confidence. Smile and nod (at appropriate times). Establish eye contact.
-Posture – Sit straight but comfortably. Don’t slouch.
-Your expression matters – Facial expressions and your gestures reveal your feelings. Hence, manage your reactions in a positive way.
-Don’t interrupt – Carefully listen to what is been asked, and do not answer before the interviewer finishes speaking.

8. Ask your queries – Always ask your queries, it shows your presence of mind. You can ask about any information that has not been discussed or can clarify any previous topics. But do not ask, what can be easily found on organization’s website.

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Akanksha Sharma
Anavio Global